Our Crematory

Burns Crematory

In 1985, Edward J. Burns, 2nd generation owner, realized one of his lifelong dreams by building Burns Funeral Home, Crown Point.  At this time in history, the cremation rate in Indiana, was less than 10%.  Building a crematory at this time was considered a very costly and risky endeavor by many critics.  “Grandpa E.J.” and his two sons, Jim Sr. and Terry, envisioned cremation as becoming a very popular means of disposition in the near future.  The only cremations at this time in the area were being outsourced to cemeteries, which oftentimes were located beyond Indiana state lines.   They believed that families deserved the security in knowing that their loved ones would never leave our immediate care and felt responsible to directly oversee each step of the entire funeral process.  It was an opportunity to broaden our services and continue to build trust from not only the families we were currently serving but also new families in generations to come.  Thus, in 1985 Burns Funeral Home officially became Burns Funeral Home and Crematory, making us Northwest Indiana’s first funeral home operated crematory.  According to CANA statistics, the national cremation rate for 2020 was 56.1%, and this statistic continues to increase each year.  As a result of consumer demand, in 2007, we decided to further expand our services to include pet cremations as well when we opened Burns Pets Remembered.  The remarkable foresight of our predecessors, two of which are now deceased, and our desire to continue to expand our services as industry leaders have allowed us the opportunity to care for thousands of families that choose cremation as a means of disposition for their loved ones.  We take great pride in continuing to offer dignified services and ceremonies for those families.   

Types of Cremation

There are 3 main types of cremation currently selected by families.

  • 1)  Direct, non-ceremonial cremation-  A disposition method where the body is taken directly from the place of death to the crematory and then returned to the family, without any ceremony or visitation
  • 2)  Cremation with a memorial service-  A disposition method  where a ceremony is held to honor the deceased without the body being present.  An urn containing the cremated remains may or may not be present.  Service may conclude at funeral home, place of worship, cemetery, or other location depending on family preference.
  • 3)  Full service cremation-  A disposition method that includes a viewing or visitation, a funeral service and basic cremation services.  Because there is a viewing, typically the body will be embalmed. The cremated ashes are placed in an urn which can be buried under or above ground, scattered, or kept by the family.